Social factors in search engine algorithms

As it stands now, the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) mainly use various forms of advanced link and keyword analysis to determine the rankings. But who’s to say they won’t incorporate social data into their algorithms in the near future? For example, Google has already rolled out social features like SearchWiki, SideWiki, and Social Search – all of which gather data on how real people interact with their favorite websites. Also, Google’s new version of its search engine (code name Caffeine) is set to launch soon and will feature a tighter integration with social.

Being active with social media now means getting ahead with SEO for tomorrow. SEO isn’t just about keyword research, optimizing page content, and building links anymore. You need to get social to achieve success. Online marketing initiatives are converging (especially search and social), and the more areas you can cover, the better results you’ll see in each. Remember, search marketing isn’t an a la carte menu, it’s a seven-course meal.

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