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Advanced Conversion Websitepeople-jumping-fun

Built utilising 10th generation website templates developed over 12 years. SMX conversion sites are specifically engineered & optimised for search engines to deliver seamless content matching and are coupled with precision layout & design to target a call to action. All while focusing on achieving maximum conversions on the Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile. Hosting and domains are all included.

Search marketing PPC – Google, Bing!

Google and Bing multi-campaign management with the ability to assign budgets in real time to targeted campaigns, ads, and keywords  producing maximum ROI . Advanced campaign automation utilising custom algorithms with the ability to instantly target specific KPI’s, including controlling costs and revenue, first page bid, search engine position targeting, & position brand targeting. Advanced campaign automation utilising custom algorithms to perform regular campaign maintenance and clean-up, keeping campaigns at peak performance while pausing wasteful or poor performing keywords.

Search Marketing SEO – Google

Get found in the organic search results for keywords that generate results. Benefit from years of testing and understanding of  hat search engines are looking for. Gain greater visibility for your brand and company for searches by people looking to do business with you. Daily monitoring of keyword rankings and reporting on how the site is performing over time.

Enquiry Tracking & Reporting

SMX utilises digital marketing partners with dedicated technology developed specifically tracking and reporting . With a unique client login portal, SMX allows real-time access to tracking & reporting. Call & email tracking allow access to full data logs, offering insights into what happens before, during and after a call, allowing clients to track the customer’s journey from the marketing initiative through to the phone call & email.

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