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Innovative cutting edge trends from NUPRESS. We are living in some exciting times when it comes to medical manufacturing. Technologies that once were only seen in the world of science fiction are now becoming reality.

The R&D project brief was to design and develop a medical device that can be inserted into a small opening in the jaw bone created by an existing medical tool and have the new device or multiples thereof propagate a crack completely around the jawbone without cutting through the nerve that runs down the centre of the bone.

12 months in and we have physical samples to test.jaws3

The journey from concept to commercialization is a long one and for Nupress still a long way off.

What began as an idea quickly transformed into solid models.

Nupress uses the inventor platform.

With close consultation with the surgeon, Nupress was able to develop a solid model that could be exported into the medical simulation software.




Many hours of work and different digital concepts brought forth a physical part.






At this point we need to make the device smaller, stronger and a host of gripping devices to be used as well.

Watch this space…..


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